Yes It Happened Again

Marko- Nov 23, 2021

Yes, I rewrote my website again, if I remember correctly, this is the fourth time I rebuild the website from scratch?

Why? Probably I want my website to always catch the front-end development trends.

What's the tech stack? Embracing Jamstack, the website was built with Next.js, Tailwindcss, TypeScript, GraphQL and hosted on Netlify.

Where are the contents? I used to use headless CMS to store my contents, but apparently, it was overkilled and I forgot that as a developer, I always have a good buddy, and his name is GitHub, so I decided to use GitHub repository issues as a single source of truth for my articles and pictures.

What are the highlights of this new website?

  • Over 95+ lighthouse score
  • Server-side rendering
  • Serverless and Jamstack
  • Fully automated release pipeline
  • Cost-Free
Tags: blog-post